jueves, 25 de octubre de 2007

Celebrate Family with Free Calls to + from Mexico This Dia De Los Muertos

This Dia de los Muertos, MOBIVOX is offering free calling to and from Mexico on November 2nd, helping Mexican communities around the world honor their roots and connect with their loved ones back home. Family around the world can now call their abuela in Mexico to get that special pan de muerto ("bread of the dead") recipe or join in the singing of Bisabuelo's favorite song.

Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is the ultimate celebration of the family bond. Families join together to celebrate and remember ancestors and to enjoy the company of family and friends. Rather than mourn the passing of loved ones, families celebrate the continuation of life and pay homage to their ancestors by listening to their favorite music, making their favorite foods, and sharing small gifts like "calaveras de azucar," or yummy sugar skulls.

"MOBIVOX gives family and friends around the world the freedom to connect whenever they want, from wherever they are," said Stephane Marceau, CEO of MOBIVOX. "It's hard to be separated from those you love, especially during important celebrations of the family bond itself. Now families in Mexico and around the world are only a local call away."

After registering for free at http://www.mobivox.com and uploading contacts, MOBIVOX members dial a local MOBIVOX number to connect with friends and family a world away. MOBIVOX has local numbers in cities around the world - including 16 major markets in Mexico.

Upon calling, members simply say the name of who they want to talk to - no need for a calling card and PIN numbers; computers, special software or complex downloads. Additionally, the calls can be placed from any phone - mobile or landline.

MOBIVOX is an international calling service that makes it possible to call friends and family around the world for free from ANY phone. Calls are free to over 40 destinations - including landline phones in Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara - and members save up to 98% on all other international calls.

MOBIVOX is privately held company whose investors include: IDG Ventures Boston, IDG Venture Investment China, IDG Ventures Vietnam, Brightspark and Skypoint.

Sources: Hispanic PR Wire - Business Wire

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